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  • Chris Gillies

Howdenburn Playing Fields, Jedburgh.

This week we were down working in the Scottish Borders to perform a soils investigation on the site of a proposed new playing field for both Geotechnical and Geonvironmental purposes.

We carried outa range of in situ geotechnical tests such as trial pitting and sokaway tests. We also carried out PANDA penetrometer tests, and deployed our tracked windowless sampler rig.

The PANDA penetrometer involves driving steel rods into the ground by hand, the force of the blow and distance of penetration is then calculated by the PANDAs hand held monitor. The lightweight and portabale nature of the device can allow us to carry out dynamic cone penetrometer tests in locations with restricted access such as on slopes or in remote areas.

The samples that we have collected will be brought back and subject to both Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental tests.

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