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Phase I Desk Studies

Usually the first stage of the site investigation process, a detailed and well considered desk study is an integral part of any successful project. A desk study conveys a site’s history, geology, environmental setting and any likely risk factors posed to and from a site or proposed development. By having all the necessary background information for a site, a desk study is critical to avoiding foreseeable problems further into a project, ultimately saving valuable time and financial cost. 

At DAM Geotechnical Services we provide this service which typically includes:

  • Obtaining and reviewing historical Ordnance Survey map extracts.


  • A site reconnaissance walkover survey including photographs.


  • Acquiring environmental database records from Groundsure and The Coal Authority.


  • Risks posed by radon gas and the likelihood of requiring radon protection.


  • Geological and hydrogeological preliminary assessments.


  • Coal Mining Risk Assessments (where applicable).


  • Consultation with Local Authorities and relevant stakeholders.


  • Obtaining service records of public utilities (e.g. gas, electricity, water & wastewater).


  • Developing Conceptual Site Models (CSM) to highlight any key risks from potential contamination.



Upon request, we can also provide Pre-Acquisition Audits and Divestiture Reports. 

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