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  • Kenny McLaren

Borehole Sampling and Night-Time Geophysics

This week we have been out sampling groundwater from boreholes at several local sites, including from a pier near Helensburgh. The groundwater samples gathered will be analysed and used to help determine the risks posed to the adjacent surface water or deeper aquifers. We have also been testing our new GFM 436 gas analyser to monitor boreholes for the purposes of ground gas risk assessments. The new monitor now gives us the capability to capture data with greater precision and detail, thus allowing a more robust gas assessment.

We have also been conducting Multichannel Analysis of Surface Waves (MASW) during night shifts on the A83 trunk road north of Arrochar. This is the final part of a three phase investigation to determine superficial thickness and rockhead depth of the slope below using three different geophysical survey methods.

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